Recommend Token Listing, Earn Generous Rewards

X网发表于:2018年10月29日 14:43:13更新于:2018年10月29日 15:34:28

Dear OCX user,

To better support the community and serve our users, OCX now launches the Recommend Token Listing, Earn Generous Rewards activity.  After the recommended projected is successfully launched, you will earn 15% transaction fee on OCX. (Transaction fee rewards are capped at 5000USDT).

Recommending token listing procedures

After the recommender communicate with the officer who is in charge of the project, friend the officer on Wechat ( Wechat ID: qukuanlian678).

Then the officer will create a Wechat group for further communication, the project will be arranged to launch after it is reviewed and confirmed by the OCX panel.

When to receive rewards

The transaction fee rewards will be settled in the first week of next month, till the accumulated rewards amount reach to equivalent of 5000 USDT.


Scan the QR code above and add OCX operation officer to Wechat friend.

The OCX reserves the right of final interpretation.

OCX team,

29 Sep. 2018