Registration, Deposit, Withdraw and Transaction Guidance on OCX

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1. Visit OCX official website and click "Create account" on the upper right of the page


2. Type your email address, login password Create Account" to create account on the registration page


3.After account creation, users need to complete email verification, real name authentication and mobile phone number binding before they are allowed to deposit money and make any transaction.

The system will send a verification email to your registered email address. Please log into the email to check the verification email. If you haven't received the email, please check your spam.



1. Click "Asset management" after logging in


2. Choose the coin type you would like to top up on the "Asset management" page and then click "Deposit".


3. You will find the deposit address after you click the "Deposit" button.


4. You may transfer wallet credits or withdraw from other platform to this address

5. The system will confirm deposit results and you may check the "Transactions" for details


1. Click and visit the "Asset management" page, choose the coin type you would like to withdraw and click "Withdraw" button.


2. Click "Withdrawal address management" and type the address in the address management box popped up, label this address and then click "Add new"


3. Type the amount and choose SMS verification or Google two factors authentication, and submit

4. OCX customer service will review the withdrawal application as soon as possible. If you encounter any issue, please contact the OCX customer through ticket.


1. Once the deposit is complete, you may start transactions. Choose the corresponding transactions, type the price and number for selling and purchasing, click Buy or Sell button.


Google two-factor authentication

In addition to SMS verification, you may use Google two-factor authentication for withdrawal

I. Down Google two-factors authentication app

For IOS user, search "Authy" in AppStore and download, and the downloading link is:

For Android user, search "Authy" in Yingyongbao, Huawei, Xiaomi and Meizu app store and download

II. Generate Google two-factors authentication

1. Visit OCX official and log into your account, click and enable Two-factors Authentication function

Please note:

1. If the Android phone is installed Google Play service, you need to download Google Installer to get Google framework service

2. Google Dynamic Password needs to turn on the camera and to to be authorized when launching the app

3. some phones need to be rebooted when starting to launch Google Play services

III. Google two-factors authentication usage

When you enable the two-factors authentication, you need to type verification code for withdrawal